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Whether you’ve chosen to seek chiropractic care for the first time or been under chiropractic care before, it’s important that you realize that all chiropractic offices are NOT the same. Here are some of the things you should know about our office:

Our approach – In our office, our focus is what we refer to as Structural Stabilization. Most approaches focus on the symptoms only – and there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s all you want. However, symptom relief often does not address the underlying problemIf the underlying structural issue is not properly addressed, relief is only temporary and further damage to the body can occur. If your condition is related to a structural instability or shift of the spine, then you may require Structural Stabilization.

We pride ourselves on being very thorough in the evaluation of each person we see. We have multiple forms of assessment, including onsite x-ray, available to ensure that we identify any structural shifts you may have experienced. In our office you can rest assured that we will not take any shortcuts with your health. Beginning with your first visit, we will dedicate the time needed to find the cause of your symptoms.

Because we believe in treating the whole person, we have many other things at our disposal to augment your chiropractic care, including nutritional counseling, various pain-relief therapies and home stabilization products.

Our Team – From the first time you walk in our door, our goal is to help you realize we consider you to be part of our family. Each of us has a passion for helping others and believes we were led here to do just that. We’re confident that one trip to our office will convince you that we are truly living our purpose at WCCW!

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