“I was very impressed with the facility & staff. I was treated excellently and I look forward to beginning treatments at Willow Creek Chiropractic.”

– Lacey R.

“Very helpful! Love them all!”

-Renay T.


“Years ago I didn’t believe chiropractic care was necessary or that going to the chiropractor on a regular basis would be something that was beneficial to me. I was wrong on both counts. Dr. Zac Leslie literally helped me to walk again without pain and has kept me walking without pain for the last four years. Once I learned the benefits of keeping my spine healthy, I came to realize that it is very beneficiary. My blood pressure is lower, and I don’t have all of the sinus infections that I used to have. It has made me a happier, healthier person, allowing me to concentrate on other things in my life that are important. I would recommend Dr. Leslie and his kind and professional staff to any of my friends.”

-Judy D.


“This is REAL HEALTH CARE! I have been to many chiropractors in my lifetime, due to structural issues. I can honestly say that Dr. Zac is in ministry! He listens, he cares, he is extremely knowledgeable regarding his art, very attuned to each patient. He and his very well trained staff are all about excellence, affirming, and up building. The entire being is attended to; Willow Creek Chiropractic feeds the spirit, attunes the body and enlarges a sense of well being. Think of how important the power of human touch was designed to be…. incorporate that with premium skill and a genuine, loving concern for people, and what you get is RESULTS! I promise you that if you follow exactly as Dr. Zac directs, you, too will obtain the mobility and freedom you long for, just like me. If you want a quick drug fix with long term side effects, go somewhere else. If you are willing to make some life style adjustments, and get your chiropractic adjustments, you can BUILD your health at Willow Creek. Willow Creek is a learning center. This is the most RESPONSIBLE Take Care of Your Health Facility I have ever had the privilege of investing in. I came in, barely able to walk, wracked around the pain and miserable. Here I am pain free and working on building  my health to prevent further injury. I am confident that I can live a productive, strong, healthy life by committing myself to continued chiropractic care at Willow Creek Chiropractic!”

-Suzie H.


“Dr. Zac, I have been a patient of yours for over three years now, during that time you have done wonders with my back. I appreciate your wonderful staff who are always so friendly and kind. I have come to value expertise of the human body, and will continue being your patient as long as I can.”

-Mabel W.


“I cannot say enough about Dr. Leslie, Brittany, and the rest of their staff. They are a wonderful group of people. I honestly do not think I would be getting around at all without his help!”

-Ruby D.


“Excellent! About three years ago, after breaking my back and being  in a back brace for months. I was, for all intents and purposes, bedridden. I now have normal activity levels and at least 85% less pain. My quality of life has improved and I am now on a maintenance program. THANK YOU DR. ZAC!”

-Nicki H.


“Dr. Zac has a friendly & caring staff who will work with you in a Christian environment to provide the help you need to allow the body God gave you to heal itself properly. I highly recommend WCCW!”

-Dan W.


“Praise God!

My first experience with a Chiropractor was in 1953 and was not a good one. In later years I was injured in an automobile accident which left both shoulders with problems that might have been corrected had I known that there were doctors out there like Dr. Leslie. However, since I was afraid, I never had them corrected.

This past December, at age 75, I developed severe pain in both legs and my lower back. I knew I didn€™t want to start depending on pain medications so I decided to see if a Chiropractor could help. Dr. Leslie€™s treatments have done wonders with my problems and I will continue to see him as my pain is negligible now.

For those of you reading this, take heart! There is help! God wants us to have good health and a pain free life so he put people like Dr. Leslie in our lives.

Thank you Dr. Leslie and Praise God!”

 – Mary S.


I wanted to let you know that words are unable to express how much you have helped me!

As you are aware I’€™m a Registered Nurse and had firm beliefs in what was and what was not able to help your body heal. I had a back injury that occurred 10 years ago and have had multiple injections and medications to assist in making the pain bearable. The first day I came to you and x-rays were done I was still very unsure about what was to happen to me. Adjustment, chiropractic €“ those are words that make some medical people very nervous.


I have taken exactly one pain pill since beginning care, and that was my fault for overdoing it after you warned me not to €“ but I was feeling so good! I could actually MOVE and it didn’€™t HURT! I have been unable to say that for years now.

I truly am unable to put into words the improvement that you have helped me to have. I have recommended you to the people I work with and anyone else who will listen. I have actually started to smile again and do things out and about because I feel so much better.


– Sally A.


Amazing €“ That€™s what it is!

In only 5 visits €“ no more sciatica. I was taking 14 pain meds daily. Now only 2. One tab morning €“ one night. I expect to be taking €œzero€ sooner than later.

Not just that, I€™m feeling 100% better in general!

Do I recommend Chiropractic? What do you think?”

– Jerry B.

“I Feel GREAT!

One day I finally had all the pain I could take. My back, neck, shoulders and left hip were constant pains. I was unable to sleep at night and waking in the morning with terrible headaches. I was totally worn out by mid-morning and had no energy. I had always been able to do my housework and yard work but now there was no way I could get it all done and still feel like visiting my children and grandchildren. I was becoming a total recluse and that was not me. I did not want to be around people because of the pain.

On July 31st I had all I could stand and made the best decision of my life, except for becoming a Christian. I chose to see Dr. Leslie at Willow Creek Chiropractic & Wellness. This decision proved to be good because I was treated with respect & caring by the entire staff. Dr. Leslie was very understanding of my feelings.

Today I am able to sleep all night without pain and no longer wake with headaches. Dr. Leslie & his staff have helped me to look at life differently. I am able to do my own yard work and look forward to going to school every day to teach since I can stay on my feet for hours without the pain I once felt.

Thank you Dr. Leslie & staff for helping me be able to do the things I enjoy. You are a wonderful group & I would recommend your office to everyone!”

– Martha S.

“Thank You!

I initially came to see Dr. Leslie because of a TMJ problem. At times my jaw locked up and it was painful to chew. I also couldn€™’t look up or down without getting dizzy and nauseous, but it was the jaw pain that made me look for help.

Dr. Leslie showed me the problems that were causing my symptoms. I committed to the care he recommended and never missed an appointment. Now my jaw doesn’€™t lock or hurt anymore. I also have full movement of my head and neck without getting dizzy or nauseous and I have been able to stop taking allergy medication that I took every day for 5 years €“ saving me over $50 a month!

I am so glad that I made that call. The enthusiasm of the entire staff is contagious! I feel

SO MUCH BETTER mentally and physically!”

– Marlene C.